Alchemy Made

Alchemy Made

Aug 12, 2021 09:14 PM
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Food as Medicine
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All of this wonderful food that I have been exploring and preparing and sending into the world, has been alchemy made. I used to cook like this...maybe not quite as freely, but I was learning alchemy and I didn't know it. That would have been a really interesting and cool thing for me to have contemplated back then, the idea that I was performing alchemy with the food I made. I loved when the food was incredible and I got grumpy when it didn't work. It's funny as I write that, I was going to say I've evolved. Lol, but I sort of haven't. I still get grumpy when it doesn't work.
Which brings me to what is currently in the oven. Today is quiche making day. Fresh eggs from the either Kris' farm or the St. John's farmer's market. Also, we snagged the bread today, getting up earlier for 2 loaves of complete brilliance. Tomatoes and green beans too.
I digress. I was working with a tiny tin foil pie base. I made a simple filling, and followed the combinations she recommended in the recipe I put in the notion doc. So, of course, the amount of filling was no where near able to fit into the pie crust. I used a store bought pie dough, from a brand that I've had their biscuits and I thought were fire, so in lieu of making a crust (I believe cp will be baker) this seemed like a good bet.
I pre baked the crust and then poured the filling in the crust. It was apparent immediately that the filling would over flow. I flashed to about 30 minutes earlier, when I thought maybe I would use the dough round with a baking dish instead of the mini tin, and then said fuck it. I put the quiche on a cookie sheet and poured it over. There was a ground beef filling with cheese, so I committed to getting all that in the tin and then just let it over flow. I checked on it after 5 minutes and it was firm enough to take off the cookie sheet and place directly on the rack.
This was oddly satisfying. Like, yah. Anyway, it looks great so we will see.
This is alchemy made. Truly and truthfully letting energy move me. And the food I'm bringing to the table these days isn't done out of any obligation. No, I couldn't produce food with love and for alchemy if I felt like I was acquiescing my energy or being to fulfill someones misguided expectations. Lol.
Pure alchemy made requires a profound sensitivity to yourself. The only self. And where there are pings, love is given and truth is required and surrender is demanded. This is alchemy made. This is what cp is creating. This is what I am creating. It gets more refined. You can trust what comes next when you've moved like that. Alchemy Made.
Hey...its delicious. I lost a lot of the custard, so it's a little more meaty than I was going for, but its really good. Huge fan of the pie crust.