Alchemy Made II

Alchemy Made II

Aug 27, 2021 01:46 PM
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Alchemy Made. Moving at the pace that intelligence moves you and slowing down enough so there is grace.
I have finally figured out cannabis butter. I cannot tell you why, but for some reason that alchemy was so intimidating and there are more opinions and ways to make it than I could sift through. The first time I made it was a few weeks ago, and it seemed that decarbing the flower would be simplest by just heating the butter on the stove and putting the ground cannabis in. I watched it, with this unfamiliar stove. It was nerve wracking and I am not even sure which recipes I was following, but I knew it needed to stay around 200 degrees and was in danger of the delicate butter burning. It ended up turning out fine. The second batch I tried like that, and burnt it. That was enough to make me put it down for a minute.
One thing I will say about this medicine, is that the whole plant is so much better than the distillate you get in the dispensaries. I have no issue with distillate, I know it gives people relief and gets them high. However, the difference with the whole plant is just too good to forget. The first batch we made No Bake cookies with the butter. Just using what the recipe called for as far as butter and seeing what the high was like bite by bite. It's such a more mellow and all encompassing high. And to be honest, maybe my favorite thing is how its doesn't linger too long. I know sometimes you need more for sleep, but when I'm dosing in the day, it's fun to have it come and go. Then you can decide. Love homemade medicine.
So, because we have a neighbor with plants and it's pretty easy to go grab another ounce of GG#4 from Daryll..I tried again with a different method.
I decarbbed it in the oven at about 230 degrees for 30 minutes. Some average from a few articles and a friend. First round I put about 8g in the oven. It's a huge smell, but really it's only for the 30 minutes it's in the oven, which makes the whole thing a little neater if you share space. I let that decarbbed flower sit over night and then using 12oz of yummy Amish butter, plus 2 cups of water, I melted it on the stove and over low heat and alchemize for 2-3 hours. I know the water thing sounds weird and I resisted this method at first. But the "on the stove" method for infusing this requires the mixture stays below 200 degrees in general, and when you are looking at hours this method really helps with possible burning.
I will try it without water at some point, but this method worked. I made two batches of rice krispie treats from the 8g. Yesterday I did 11g. In a pound of Amish butter. 4 hours on the stove. Right now it's sitting in a glass container and needs to be separated from the water, but it's ready to go. Krispies seems to be a good vehicle for these and I'm excited to send these to friends and family.
I don't know why I never considered that even making something as simple as cannabis butter is alchemy. Or cleaning the bathroom, or putting clean sheets on the bed, or showing true kindness where it seems impossible. Revealing the magic of this life, the artistry, the delicacy, the subtly. It's all alchemy made, so pay attention because knowing it lets the secrets be seen.
And if your life is supported and you aren't panicked about money, or fear, or body...Alchemy is all there is. Possibly people don't understand, or won't. Just fyi. But it's fun af.