Finished up what didn't get done...

Finished up what didn't get done...

Aug 5, 2021 12:12 AM
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Whoa...I tried way too much yesterday. in a moment i still have yet to understand, I burnt the cannabutter. i was, to say the very fucking least, bummed pissed annoyed and a little defeated. i still don't know if the bain marie is the best or decarb-ing in the oven is best or directly on the stove. I really need a witch to help me out here. Plus I felt like shit wasting 11g of our neighbors cannabis. ugh
So today, I pureed the tomatoes and with the help of the vita mix and the insta pot (for the wild rice) I made a beautiful soup. I roasted the bones i got from the farmers market saturday, while i took the meat off the carcass of the chicken. we had incredible chicken sandwiches for lunch and then the bones went with the beef bones for a stock, into the slow cooker.
I grilled one big fat chicken breast i had left and threw it with the other chicken meat. I'll make chicken and rice soup tomorrow, i have yummy wild rice mix left. today's food was gorgeous. It's been so fun to play with real and beautiful food again. and no one expects. just appreciates.
So, the chicken soup gracefully moved until tomorrow. One leftover of dinner from last night and one left over of grilled tomato and wild rice soup. I don't know why i give a shit right now. i could buy a freezer and stock it full of food that i life tastes the same. and i really had quite a year of shedding that person who was so obligated. I love this art. i actually like to cook. lol
And, the photo on the page was taken at the most beautiful nursery in Ionia. We had been at the zombie coffee shop and the zombie meijer....and this piece of heaven was so live giving. The beings that ran in, the beauty and in the shop at check out...all the symbols my parents use (they are dead) to communicate with me were around in abundance. Even my dad's dad represented there. It was so good.