Food and love

Food and love

Oct 2, 2021 03:48 PM
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It's been about 3+ months that ive been in this precious place in michigan. and i really cherish the bread maker, the market owner, the farmer, the flower grower and fresh egg purveyor that i have not just met, but forged a small connection with. i cherish the change in my cooking and eating and purchasing of food. if i prepare, and fortunately i seem to be fairly inspired by my own cooking, we eat so well. beautiful local meats and bread that rivals san francisco, vegetables grown from the amish. i just got a 5 cubic ft freezer. small by freezer standards, but if you've only ever had a freezer attached to your fridge, this feels massive.
today is one of the last saturdays that the vendors will be in st. johns, the farmers market closes for the season at the end of the month. so ribeyes and chicken from lisa at wilson farms today along with 6 loaves of bread from "for the love of grain". we are heading to ann arbor for a change of scenery tomorrow, for a couple of days, so i didn't go too deep on veggies or ridiculously amazing gourds and pumpkins.
we will do meet ups with these two during the winter months. possibly getting half a cow. yep.
and the interesting thing is how i've shifted. super happy to take venison and look forward to cooking with it, even felt excited for cp to possibly hunt this season or next. i'm not really a hunting enthusiast. new for me.
so yesterday, i was at the local little market and they had stuffed pork chops that had obviously just been made. not cooked yet, but freshly prepared. and i introduced myself to the man behind the counter and his wife who had just made them. she is the one who makes the pot pies, i trust her. a can of cream of mushroom soup, she said, put it right over the top of the stuffed porkchops and then cook at 350 for about 45 min. i will say that my san francisco self judged that whole thing for about 24 seconds. cream of mushroom soup went out the window, except for ironic food, i don't even remember when. and yet, there was something so alive and animated about her telling me what to do. she wasn't pretentious, i felt her love and she was letting me know how to cook her porkchops and the second i got over my food judgey, i ordered 2 of them and picked up a can of campbells cream of mushroom soup. and i cannot wait to make these for dinner.
i'm making another batch of cannabis butter today. the 1 ounce 1 pound formula made some super yummy cookies. i don't know, not much else to say, my multi dimensional life is pretty wild, so keeping my 3 dimensional life simple is the only way for me. i like loving the people here.