Getting it all out of my head..

Getting it all out of my head..

Aug 2, 2021 11:02 PM
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This post is literally to get all the food stuff swirling in my head .... written down somewhere so I can continue to make brilliant moves.
One thing I just did, but has been haunting me, is reach out to the guy who made the ridiculously good bread from the St. Johns farmers market. I have had some yummy breads here, but I've been living the in the SF Bay area since the 90's and bread is an elevated art there. I haven't encountered much of that style here, but this one...the sourdough/rye...was incredible. I'll admit, I was going to say yes to one of the two loaves left on the table pretty much whatever the description was. They had obviously had a great day of sales and I had a sense this was the shit. I really really do not like rye bread. So it was visually so good that I took a chance on the blend. It was spectacular. I need more. Reached out on Facebook. For The Love of Grain. Craig Koenigsknecht..ok, cool actually just found him on IG. ok..check that off the list.
Tonights dinner is an enormous chicken breast from the local market and a thai simmer sauce with rice, saffron road. simple af. And still not frozen food. There is literally no room in the freezer here so it keeps me honest. There's not a Trader Joe's for hours. Imagine that.
Ok, so here's what needs to be cooked:
Tomatoes from Saturday's farmers market. 5. My plan is to roast them and make tomato soup. I kind of feel like wild rice in the tomato soup, it's more of a whole thing for me.
Bones from the farmer's market. I ended up getting dog bones (raw bones) to make some bone broth. Got bacon from there as well, it was a farm that processed their own. This is a real fucking farmers market. So anyway, need to make broth.
Whole chicken from the local market. I'd like to do that on the grill, just for my own amusement.
Also I need to make a new batch of the Cannabutter. That was so damn good, this time i'll make rice krispy treats. my fucking fav. I've got 11.5g of the gorilla glue left with 1 lb of butter. It was about 8g last time. It feels like we can go stronger with all the people participating.
Tomatoes, roast chicken, make broth, make cannabis butter. Hoping to do 3 of these things on the grill. Stay tuned.