How to Make a Baked Potato on the Grill |

How to Make a Baked Potato on the Grill |

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exactly as described. great turn out. 1 hour, grill was at 450
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Jul 24, 2021
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Similar to baking, Russet or Idaho potatoes are best for grilling. Thanks to their high starch content, their insides become light and fluffy when cooked, and their absorbent nature allows them to easily pick up all the flavors of smoke and char.
(No Russets or Idahos on hand? These grilled smashed potatoes are perfect for smaller varieties. If you’re more of a sweet potato person, we’ve got you covered, too.)
While the grill heats up, rub the potatoes with olive oil and season generously with salt. (I use about 1 tablespoon oil for 4 Russet potatoes). Then, wrap the potatoes individually in aluminum foil and pierce them with a fork, which allows all the smoky flavors to penetrate the spuds.
Your ultimate goal is tender potatoes with crispy skins and fluffy insides. To test for doneness, you can check the potatoes’ internal temperature with a meat thermometer (it should register at least 205°F), or you can pierce the flesh with a paring knife. If the knife slides in easily, the potatoes are done. Using tongs, remove the potatoes, transfer them to a plate, and allow them to cool a few minutes before unwrapping.
I usually love a loaded baked potato, but I find after grilling I’m happy with just butter, salt, and maybe some chives. The smoky flavor really comes through, so I don’t even miss the bacon. Cold leftovers are divine broken up into chunks and tossed onto a salad.

How to Make a Baked Potato on the Grill


  1. Heat the grill. Heat an outdoor grill for medium, direct heat (about 350°F).
  1. Coat the potatoes with oil. Coat 4 (8-ounce) russet potatoes with 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  1. Season the potatoes with salt. Generously season the potatoes all over with kosher salt.
  1. Wrap the potatoes in foil and pierce with a fork. Individually wrap each potato in aluminum foil and pierce the foil and potato with a fork. This will help that smokey flavor penetrate the potatoes.
  1. Place the potatoes on the grill. Place the potatoes on the grill.
  1. Grill the potatoes until tender. Cover and grill, turning the potatoes occasionally, until the potatoes are tender and can be easily pierced with a paring knife (or has an internal temperature of 205ºF), 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  1. Cool potatoes. Remove the potatoes from the grill with tongs to a plate. Let cool 5 minutes before unwrapping and serving.

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NOTES: July 24, 2021 made my first bake potatoes on the grill. Followed everything here. The grill stayed at 450 for the cooking time - 1 hour. Fantastic! Made 4. Olive Oil and salt. They were super good.