I'm a maker.

I'm a maker.

Aug 8, 2021 11:48 PM
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When making the trip from CA to MI, it was a necessities only kind of packing. We had to make room for our camping gear, basics on clothing and everything kind of. But there were two items I decided I couldn't live without, wherever we ended up. My Dyson hair thing...with the blow drying, all the brushes and the ability to curl your hair in a hot second. I got it from my sister for christmas and it's incredible. I don't often "do" my hair, but when I do I want to do it with this toy! And honestly, sometimes you just need your hair to look a certain way, I love my Dyson, so it came. The second item was my sewing machine. Yep. My mom was a self taught, expert seamstress. She sewed the whole time I knew her and she was so good. She was very "by the book" and used patterns like Butterick and Vogue. I went to the fabric store with her more times than I could tell you and would pick out my own patterns that she would make for me. I really think she sewed 75% of what I wore for many years, it's staggering actually. I had super cute clothes too.
Anyway, she gave me lessons many times and at different ages over the years. I only really partially liked it. I love the idea of conceiving of a piece of clothing and then creating it. And it seemed for my mom it was such a creative process like that, but when se taught me there was a level of detail that was so annoying to me that even if I made it through a project, I had no desire to repeat it. It was tedious and I didn't like it.
I sewed a little for my daughters when they were little, and was always happy to volunteer at school when people who sewed were needed.
So here we are and sewing is super interesting to me at this incredibly indescribable time of my life. I spent the day making a pattern from a dress I ordered on line. I used Joanne's online for the fabric, and my sewing machine and notions bin were ready for service. I picked up some wrapping paper to make a pattern from the original dress, it's a simple shift dress with pockets so a good place to start. I don't know if my mom was whispering in my ear all day or what was happening, but I have this incredible space to spread out and work, and I could feel all the lessons coming back to me moment by moment. What order the dress should be assembled, how to do pockets, what to pay attention to and how to slow down enough so all of the details could come together.
It was such a blast. It's mostly done, needs some finishing work and I'm going to do an applique on the front inspired by the original dress, but yah...I made a pattern and sewed a dress. With pockets.
I feel really overjoyed that sewing feels like art to me now. I now know that I am a maker. I certainly didn't consider myself one before, it became kind of out of fashion and uninteresting or quaint. But not now. I made a line of laundry bags that were so clever and the latter one were so well made. It gave me a chance to get my feet wet with precision doing something relatively simple.
So, the sewing machine made the trip and I am truly glad. Also, I made pesto today, the one with the pine nuts and we used basil from the garden. it was so creamy and yummy.
EXHAUSTED. It's Lion's Gate tonight. I really don't know what it means for me, but I feel the energy of it like crazy this evening.
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