Medicine making today

Medicine making today

Jul 24, 2021 12:48 AM
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Today I got to do something I've wanted to do forever. I made medicine today. First I made chicken soup. Nothing special, I had two roasted chickens that were ready to be soup and some very kind, over worked and exhausted people who needed some. A few veggies, some noodles and a decent simmer on the stove. And at the same time, I made cannabis butter for the first time. It's a thing, I love cannabis and making my own medicine with it has been on my list for so long. Today was the day, all of the pieces and supporters were in place! It's good to have a consensus with the beings who you inhabit space with.
This was made with Gorilla Glue grown right next door and with Amish butter made locally. If this isn't cooking with what Michigan has given me, I don't know what is!
You can buy a cook book, find help on youtube, ask a friend, or just google it. I used a double boiler, it took a minute to find the right pans that I felt comfortable with temperature control. I didn't have a thermometer. I ordered one, just couldn't wait for it to arrive!
I used 1lb of the Amish butter. Unsalted was not available, so salted it is. I used about 8g of the Gorilla Glue, grinded. Clarified the butter, added the flower and cooked for just under 4 hours. I strained it, not meticulously, and am going to put it in the fridge. But not before I make popcorn tonight with the saltiest, yummiest cannabis butter. Looking forward to cooking with it. I will report back on that.
Day later - melted butter on popcorn was delicious. But didn't really get us too high. Probably used 2T, but its tough to eat that much popcorn before bed. So, this morning we are trying 1T each on a piece of toast. 1t is about 28mg and 1T = 3t. So eeeek...close too 90mg? But I could be off on a million places. I can already feel the difference and how much more potent whole flower is than gummies. wow.

7/24/21 Ok, latest update. Took the 1T around 11:30am. Love love love how the full spectrum edible feels, as opposed to the distillate we are normally consuming. wow. I would say felt the full effect in about 60-90 min. Great high. Guessing more like 40-50mg. Maybe less.

7/25/21 hm. well for whatever reason i didn't want to bake with the butter that i just made. i was kind of interested in seeing what it would be like to have butter around and how would i use it? so CP made non medicated brownies and i had some big idea that we could just melt some of the butter over the hot brownie. in hind sight. we wanted to consume more than the day before, which we had spread on toast. but when it was melted it was just too rich with the brownie and ice cream. it was alot. super beautiful high, but i couldnt consume as much as i had wanted. so the next question is how to consume this? at least for me. thinking no bake cookies is a possibility.