Ok, here goes..cook all the foods today.

Ok, here goes..cook all the foods today.

Aug 3, 2021 04:40 PM
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First up, I got the whole chicken out and ready to go. It was sitting in too much liquid and it just felt like it needed some time to air out. I patted it dry. Just left it alone and chose to slice the tomatoes and grill them. olive oil and some italian seasoning from Kens market in ionia. bulk style. anyway. they turned out beautifully.
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these were perfection tbh. using these for soup. tomorrow i think.
then i roasted the chicken. holy hell it was easy. of 4 burners i only turned 2 on. kept it at about 400. then buttered, salted and herbs de provenced the bird. I put it on its back at an angle where the thigh and leg were closest to flames. 40 min. At that point I move it around, switched to other thigh side. still on back. 50 min. fucking perfection. amazing chicken. huge props to the author. it was a really hot day but a roasted chicken was so welcomed for lunch. and it was sooo easy!!!
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had chicken for lunch. tomatoes will wait until tomorrow. and now a martini and time to make cannabis butter.
all in all a good food day. i didnt
get to the broth. i think ill use the chicken carcass for it now. i need wild rice!
UPDATE before I sign off of here for this evening. i do not like using a bain marie for anything that needs to cook that long. It needed my constant attention running out of hot water and barely made it to 200 degrees. So I abandoned the grill, too much dispersed heat being outside. and i abandoned the bain marie. It's in a small sauce pan simmering on the stove. 3 more hours.