Polish Sausage - What I really wanted...

Polish Sausage - What I really wanted...

Jul 25, 2021 12:15 PM
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Saturday Night
The rhythm of food and eating and procuring is different here than where I have been. The ability to grab a carrot, chicken stock, a bottle of world class wine and the best take out noodles at a moments notice has certainly affected the way I cook and how I keep food in the house. I am realizing the ecosystem of a city like San Francisco, is the only chance newly starting out food artists can do what they do. Put their art in the world and make a living doing it. There aren't an abundance of the kind of small restaurants and delis and over the top co-op grocery experiences in the part of rural MI where I am. And truth be told, although the little local market does make a sub that isn't terrible....I don't want to eat things on the regular that "aren't terrible". And I am uncovering true gems constantly....but it's about 20 minutes to find a town. CP has found the best espresso. Also located best bagel breakfast sandwich. But other than that it's a stretch to casually pick up a great lunch or snack when you are out.
All of this is to say, having some foresight about what you want to make is important. I'm out of carrots. I decided the chicken noodle soup I made the other day could survive without it, but today I want to make a bolognese in the Insta Pot and you need carrots goddammit. It's a Sunday. Local market is open, but they have a tiny array of veggies each day. Onions comes to mind. Celery, garlic. But the only carrots they carry are baby carrots in the packages. I don't want those. I rejected them for the soup. But here I am this morning, not really wanting to drive 40 min round trip for carrots. So, am I buying the baby carrots today? Anyway, some things surprise you that are available, and I am appreciating having good food that I love, in the house. Like I never have before. And I think the beings that live here and visit here feel the same.
Oh, and last night I made baked potatoes on the grill. Solid. So nice not to use the microwave or heat the kitchen. We had some jalapeno poppers to grill. Meh for me. CP says good. 1 hour and they were so yum. Also, I found Polish Sausages at the market. Yep, that's what I really wanted the day I made the brats. These weren't raw, so I know it's a different game, but turns out this is what I wanted. So yah. Threw them on with some hot dogs and had a great dinner. Clouds rolling in. Beautiful green every where. A little rain every once in a while. Tiki Torches for bug patrol, chilling outside while the potatoes cooked was heaven. Absolute.