Sep 6, 2021 05:40 PM
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best friend
It's Labor Day. I would guess that this holiday, along with its primary meaning, holds a lot of different moods for people. I am experiencing the turning of fall in real time, for the first time. I've visited fall and even last september in michigan I had a delicious journey through it for several days, but i've never had the privilege of witnessing it unfold. Seeing the light begin to change late summer and now seeing the response from the leaves. We are still having pretty warm days, but the cool that comes is different. Fall.
And so another batch of cannabis has been decarbed in the oven. A perfect chicken from the farmers market has been roasted..I tried to do it on the grill, but finally hit the end of the propane. Pine nuts have been roasted for fresh pesto. We put a down payment on a tiny home/cabin that will arrive in a couple of months. We are going to lake superior tomorrow and #vanlife is inevitable.
Our life is the definition of novelty. My life is the definition of novelty. And our crypto has risen to meet us in this new world. And our impact has been seen.
And my overwhelming appreciation for the most brilliant creative partner makes every single day a piece of art.
I made a few batches of fresh salsa with roasted corn from the big bucket of tomatoes that came from jammie's garden and the amish.
It's beyond imagination. I love you.