The loveliness of this country

The loveliness of this country

Jul 30, 2021 10:50 PM
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The area in Michigan where I am living, at this moment, is really "in the country". We are in a very rural area and there are farms, and forests, and beauty everywhere. And it's only been a few weeks. I definitely don't know where I am all the time when we drive. Sometimes I am just a passenger and get to truly observe the land and the place without thinking about roads and which way to turn. Much of the area can seem the same to me. Endless roads of late july corn growing, and beautifully kept houses and meticulous farms have been such a welcome and hypnotic friend. One of the things that catches my eye on these roads is houses or farms selling fresh flowers and eggs. To me, this is the height of delicacy. Truly fresh eggs and flowers right from where they grew. I mean isn't this what we love so much about true gourmet food? Isn't this what the snobbery is all about? True ingredients.... I've been seeing these since I arrived in the area and for whatever reason, today is the day I finally visited one of these incredible stands. The most lovely sunflowers, sweet peas and so many I don't know the names of.....And the beautiful woman who grows them was there when we arrived. Sometimes these stands become kind of an "honor market" where you leave your $$ for the eggs or flowers or whatever when the family isn't around. For sure we wanted eggs. Two dozen for $4. It actually makes me want to cry to be able to have this kind of access to fresh farm food. And the flowers. I really wanted sunflowers, it seemed a forgone conclusion with a new sweet table at the house and late summer vibes. She had so many kinds of flowers and I wish i could name every one. I heard my mom naming them from heaven.
And the variety of sunflowers she had was like a miracle with all the colors. She put together her freshest stems for us. She was preparing for a farmers market tomorrow, gathering flowers and vegetables, eggs. It just felt like such a privilege to be able to purchase these. I know it's possible where I was in CA, but honestly unless I had a friend with chickens and a garden, I just didn't have this kind of access to flowers or veggies or eggs without growing them myself. So, thank you Kris. You have no idea how much I appreciate the love and work and alchemy that went into the flowers and eggs that we brought home. Dahlias. I'll be back to see you for Dahlias.
So as weird as shit is in our lives and the grumpiness many of us have with each other, this beautiful experience happened in the country of our country.
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