The Perfect Beef Pot Pie

The Perfect Beef Pot Pie

Jul 23, 2021 09:33 PM
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The place where I am staying and living is in a small village (yes, a village) in rural Michigan. And in this tiny village is a local market. On the one hand, it's just a typical local market. Butcher, deli, canned goods, beer, chips. Like a meh bodega in the city, but you are super glad it's there and so close. And like the meh bodega in the city, there are often remarkable treasures. And it feels like in both cases, the surprises come from a local (sometimes the owner) source. In this market's case, there are beautiful freshly made loaves of bread everyday. At least 5 different kinds of homemade cookies tied up in bundles of six. A lemon sugar cookie and a chocolate chip cookie with pecans had my attention. There are fruit pies and cinnamon rolls. Beautiful and clearly hand made by a very skilled baker. And while all of these things, plus a solid butcher make me love this odd af place, there is one thing that shook me to my core. We will go in to the Pasties at some point, but hands down the Beef Pot Pie is the best thing I have eaten in Michigan. And I am going to say that it is truly the best beef pot pie I have ever eaten. And I have been eating beef pot pies since my parents would go out for dinner and leave me with a sitter in the '70s. I love pot pies. Top 5 favorite food. I switched to chicken being my favorite, because a super good chicken was easier to come by than a super good beef. Anyway, blah blah blah...this thing is perfect. It has a filling that is so well done.... it takes like a beef bourguignon with the perfect crust. Complex flavors that only come from a long slow braise. And bravo to you brilliant baker of these. They aren't available every day. Seems like every two weeks on Thursdays. A chalk board goes up to announce them.
I really cannot say enough about them. I ate and relished it yesterday in a way not every food that i consume receives. Every single bite. No over sized veggies or anything for that matter. Perfect execution. I'm not going on. It's the best pot pie, chicken or beef, I've ever eaten.
I did try the chicken pot pie. It's good.