The real work

The real work

Jul 31, 2021 05:51 PM
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Locally grown
There is so much beauty here. And I know and feel how grateful and kind and deeply loving the people are that live here. And I can see and feel the traps, confusing webs of misinformation and heavy clouds that beings who live here carry.
Today CP and I needed to run an errand. We'd been to a favorite cafe for espresso and breakfast, which had a totally different vibe this Saturday than it does on the weekdays. We'd been to a tiny farmer's market and procured raw honey, a beautiful loaf of sourdough rye, tomatoes, some bacon and bones for broth. And then to a chain store for some simple day to day items.
Currently, the well at the house is experiencing some trouble, so we knew we would be without water today and the goal was to ease life at the house. Which is super fun for us and we seem to be pretty good at it...
The moment we walked into the well known mega store, we almost didn't recognize ourselves. Or each other. The denseness of the space. The confusion and stress built into the undertone of every isle. The despair, the hope, the shackles, the lack of love. I don't have many words for this. It would have been easy to take that experience from, entry to exit, and curse the store, the shoppers and the workers. It was dense and draining.
Our partnership and the field that comes with it, moves and updates whatever it comes into contact with. We don't go where we haven't been asked to go. We are very good at going where energy pulls us and we micro move to ensure precision.
And so to every being that we encountered today, I love you. There has been a hand dealt that was not agreed to, and I see you.