What even are Brats?

What even are Brats?

Jul 20, 2021 08:23 PM
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Food that is a NO
I still don't really know what exactly went wrong. They sounded so good. Something that really seemed from the area, heartier than a hotdog and perfect for a lunch with a new team member. I am in this part of the world with my creative partner and he introduced me to a perfect local market. Beautiful brats in the meat section, so many to choose from and I got 5 different kinds. CP asked the butcher if they should be boiled, he evidently has encountered the cooking of these beasts before. But the butcher assured us that it wasn't necessary. Put them on a top rack of your grill he said, and you will love them. I mean, I've cooked many sausages over the years. Raw sausages. I have never had an outdoor grill, but I've done them on stove top grills and in frying pans. So basically what happened is that they never really cooked. And they over cooked. I didn't realize I should probably have looked up how to grill them, but I just winged it. We were already hungry when I turned the grill on. And more quickly than I could have imagined, I felt like I was in the episode of The Office, when Jan and Michael invite friends over for Oso Buco and Jan doesn't even start it until the guests arrive. I guess it's only funny if you know that Oso Buco pretty much takes a day to make. Probably best eaten the next day. And here we are with the brats, which in my mind would have everyone eating a hearty lunch on a yummy grilled bun in no time. But, I was wrong. What are these things? I'm not even going into it. Too low, too high, too burnt, too raw. They died on the grill. Meanwhile low blood sugars, led to a grumpy me. And then I grilled some quesadilla. Thank you arizona. But they made me so mad, that I'm happy to eat them when someone else cooks them, but they have now been added to the "i don't cook those" along with fish. Sometimes you just have to make a decision.